Our Focus

Application development

Whether you need mobile, web or desktop application, we are here to help. Including specification, design, implementation, deployment and maintenance. We are experts in C# and .Net core, but we've succesffuly finished projects in c++, java, python and other languages and frameworks.

System integration

We have experience with integration of various systems eg. MS Exchange to another products. Our software is used daily by hundreds of people in big administrative buildings.


We can automate anything you need. From business processes, documents processing to measurement and control systems. We did applications for financial companies and scientific teams in the past.

Our Portfolio


We have developed a platform for managing printed and online newsletters. Users enter articles and events into the system only once and receive a newsletter in both printed and online form. The online newsletter generates automatically. The settings of the editorial board define the rights of users, approval of contributions to the publication, language, and author proofreading. There are also security and SEO optimizations for better search engine results, traffic overview, and responsive design (also suitable for mobile devices).

MS Exchange Wrapper

MS Exchange is a powerful tool but not very intuitive at times. We developed REST API hiding the complexity of Exchange and provides a simple interface to manage meetings, users, and booking of rooms. Our software is used within large administrative buildings daily by hundreds of employees.


We have created a professional digital presentation of a leading car service and parts distributor located in the Czech Republic. Web application enables our customers to smoothly add products, create newsletters, and manage mailing lists.

And more to come..

Meet Our Team

Ondřej Mikulín

CEO, Cofounder

Ondřej is engineer with broad experience in building complex control systems for nuclear fusion reactors, machine learning applications in fintech and developing life-critical medical applications.

Jiří Fiala

CTO, Cofounder

Jiří is full stack developer with an interest in art who has a main interest in art, design, technologies, and science. Jiri developed many successful applications on his own despite his young age. Including backend, frontend, deployment, and customer support. At present, he focuses on processing big data and software architecture.

Vojtěch Eliáš


Vojtěch is an experienced Sales Manager with a history of over 15 years in international trade. Business activities cover Australia, Middle East, Europe, the USA, Canada. Fields: IT solutions, Nautical sector, Machinery, Sailing equipment, Speaking: English, German, Czech, Polish.


Software developers and designers

Big thanks to all of the external software developers, designers and specialists we worked with to improve our products.

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